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Chronic problems with all Kindles:

1) Poor quality plastic of the enclosure including all of the switches and panels contribute to cracking and failure of plastic panel buttons and joystick.

2) Failure of joystick ribbon connector due to ultra-small ribbon connector retainer. This is a pocket that is soldered to the motherboard that the joystick ribbon cable inserts into. It is pressed against the board's connections by a hinged plastic snap device. The plastic in this device is soft and fails over time, preventing the joystick switches to communicate. Subsequently, people press the joystick harder and harder, fracturing either the joystick molded onto the switch, or the cheap plastic back panel. There are no replacement parts for these cabinets. Like everything manufactured today it is play and throw-away. Expect to buy another one every 6 months. These ribbon connectors were larger in the 1980's and made of higher quality components. But consumers have become complacent and demand smaller and smaller devices, which means it can only get so small and cheap, before things lose robust quality's. That word doesn't even apply to most consumer products today. Frustrated? Complain to the same federal and international consumer agencies I do to make a difference. Enough complaints and recalls, a company folds.

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