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I bought a top of the range - 3G and WiFi Kinde for my wife's birthday in March 2011. In August 2012, 17 months later the product failed.

It was not physically damaged but one day just had lines all over the screen rendering the product unfit for purpose. My wife called to complain and was offered a discount on a new product - a derisory 20%. I called to see about other options but was told that because I had bought the Kindle for my wife as a present, "customer service" would not speak to me. I asked my wife to call and give permission to speak to me but the person who answered just hung up and our subsequent calls from our landline are not being answered.

We will of course try from a differnt landline but clearly no-one wants to help or discuss the issue. I paid £152 for a product that has lasted 17 months and do not consider that to be satisfactory.

To be offered a replacement for £150 (which apparently includes a 20% discount) is hardly reasonable and I am looking forward to seeing what Trading Standards think about the situation. My advice - do not buy a Kindle and do not buy from Amazon.

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Tipton, England, United Kingdom #701646

Email the ceo

use www.ceoemail.com and quote the sale of goods act mate

Might make them change their tone.

Im in the same boat with scamazon

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